Rachel’s Society of
Israel Cancer Research Fund
Honors three
“Women of Distinction”
for their lifetime
community work & chesed
Wednesday May 16, 2018 6:00 – 8:30 pm
tickets sold out

Eileen Rosner

Eileen’s own words capture who she is “I tend to jump in wherever I see a need to be filled.” She’s jumped often and high:

Teacher  Eileen taught elementary grades in Stamford’s Public Schools for 38 years. She served on the boards of the PTA’s of all her schools, including as VP. She was on the committee that completed the desegregation of the Stamford City School system.

In Retirement  “Retirement allowed me the opportunity to explore other ways to be of assistance in the community.”

Community Service  Known for eagerly taking on demanding tasks and tasks that others shun, Eileen has run or co-run Victorian Teas, silent auctions, cantor concerts, multiple galas. She was secretary, vice president and president of the Friends of Ferguson Library and still runs its annual Literary Competition. She co-chaired the Children’s Book Festival for the library. She serves as the Education Advisor of the Ballet School of Stamford; and has been the secretary and hospitality chair of the Stamford History Center. Eileen served as the executive secretary of the Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County and now assists at its Judaica Library.

Temple Beth El  There’s virtually no volunteer position Eileen has not held: teacher in its religious school; founder of the library; serving as the treasurer, secretary and president of the Sisterhood; the secretary, vice president, president and advisor of the Board of Trustees of the Temple. Currently, secretary of the Temple’s Cemetery Association.

Family  She has lived in Stamford nearly all of her life. Eileen credits the examples of her parents, grandmother and sister as role models for her volunteer work.

Anne Peskin, PhD.

Anne, in her 10th decade, is a renaissance women of boundless energy and ongoing accomplishments.

· Jewish heritage  She was one of the organizers of Merkaz Torah (an evening joint Hebrew High School). For her synagogue Agudath Sholom, she was Board Secretary and VP and is presently President of Sisterhood. Anne is on the Boards of Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield and the Israel Cancer Research Fund CT.

· Teacher  Anne is Professor Emeritus of CCNY and still teaches selective courses. She also lectures on topics of pirates, mathematics and navigation.

· Government  She was elected to the Stamford School Board for two terms. She was on the City Planning Board for seven years and was for ten years Chairman of the Commission of Assessment Appeals.

· Sailing  A sailor, Anne was the First Woman Commander of the Stamford Sail and Power Squadron. She continued as the District Education Officer, and became Rear Commander in the United States Power Squadron. Today she continues to teach an Advanced Piloting Course and teaches boating safety to Young Mariners in public schools.

· Family  A resident of Stamford for decades, Anne has three children and five grand children. Her husband Bernard is of blessed memory.


Barbara Novak

Barbara describes herself as “just an ordinary woman”. The world pivots on ‘ordinary’ women who together are extraordinary.

· Chesed  Acts of Loving Kindness are exemplified by Barbara. There’s no one ‘extraordinary’ act to cite (e.g., leaping into a lake to save a life). Rather, it is a lifetime of ‘ordinary’ incidences that cumulatively add up to the definition of Chesed. Not one to wait at home to hear from someone with a need, empathetically she considers someone’s situation and understands what likely is their unvoiced need. Unassumingly, she offers an outstretched hand to nurture & support. Examples? Looking for a ride to a doctor’s appointment or just needing a call when there’s a dark cloud, there’s Barbara. She’s spent many an afternoon visiting parents of her friends, not out of obligation but out of joy and respect! Older than she or younger, Barbara makes you feel welcomed! Barbara gets you included. On and on, it adds up to an “ordinary” woman doing extraordinarily.
· Community  A long history of involvement with Stamford JCC — Executive Board and Women’s Board (now Center Women). National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) Stamford Section, Hadassah and CJ Foundation for SIDS. A current volunteer at the Agudath Sholom Gift Shop.

· Family  Mother of three and grandmother of five, Barbara nurtured her late husband Larry of blessed memory through his long illness with special love.